Can I put your name as author?

You can’t put my name on the content as the author under any circumstance. This is because I have no control over how the content is presented, edited or what it is used for after it’s purchased from Wellness PLR.

Can I put my name as author?

You are free to put your name as the author on the articles, eBook and graphics you purchase from Wellness PLR. If you don’t want to have your name as author, you can put on the product “brought to you by “, or simply brand with your website.

What can I do with PLR?

You can do anything you wish with the content you buy from Wellness PLR, apart from selling it on to another person as PLR. You can add to it, pull it apart, take information out, break it up and put into an email autoresponder series. If you want more ideas, refer to...

Who writes the content at Wellness PLR?

I am the sole writer for the content presented at Wellness PLR. I do the majority of editing, along with occasional edits by my partner. We both have extensive experience in writing briefs and reports in our specialties. I also have experience in research proposals,...

What will I receive when I purchase a Wellness PLR package?

After you order your package from Wellness PLR, you’ll receive a zip folder or deliverable PDF – depending on the type of purchase. If you buy a package with articles, you will include editable content files in .doc form. This means you can edit the articles...