To begin with, you’re probably wondering how you should rewrite a PLR article.  Also, how much needs to be changed, so your PLR article appears unique.  They are two excellent questions.

The second question answered first.  My research has made helped me to conclude, that to be safe, replacing 25-35% is adequate.

So, if you have a 600-word article, that technically means 150-210 words need to be changed.  Now that doesn’t seem so overwhelming does it!

Let’s get Practical

A solid PLR article will have a title, introduction, 3-4 paragraphs and a summary.  Sometimes, in place of the 3-4 paragraphs, there are small sections of hard-hitting information focused on a single point.

Read the Article

Make sure you know what is in the content.  You may want to enhance or cut some of the information.  Make a quick note of your ideas in bullet points to remind you later in the process.

Change the Title

This gives you a fresh start.  Most PLR titles are simple and make it explicit what the article is about.  Make it keyword rich.  Numbers are also doing well in search engine optimization (SEO).  So, add a number to the title, i.e., ‘10 ways to rocket launch your career’.  Lure people in with a solution to their problem.

Use the keyword in your PLR article

Make sure you have your keyword and 5-10 similar keywords or keyword phrases.  Use them throughout the PLR article.  There should be a keyword or phrase one to five times for every 100 words.  Don’t over smash it though.

Don’t worry about the grammar just yet.

Focus on what you want to get across in the article.

Go through the Paragraphs or Subsections Individually

Reorder them.  Take out the fluff or anything that doesn’t fit your message.  Reorganize or rewrite a few sentences.  Consider adding information about affiliates or products you are selling.

If needed, expand on the ideas presented or put the additional information you jotted down in the first read through.

If you find there is too much information, bullet-point specific ideas.

Move onto the Introduction

Make sure you clearly explain the focus of the content and give a hook that makes readers want to find out more.  Let them know how you are going to solve their problem.

Write your Summary

Short and sweet.  Review the central concept you want to get across.  Then tell people what you want them to do – ask them to leave a comment, click on a link to buy something or share the content with their friends.

Pretty it Up

Add some photos or quote tiles, check links making sure they work.

Read each Paragraph Out Loud

This is the way to make sure it sounds grammatically correct.  Then fix the typos.  Another option is to give it to a friend to read and correct any errors that are obvious.

Extra Help

If you are really concerned about your writing, use a site like Grammarly.  The free version is great.  The premium version allows you to check for plagiarism along with other features.  It’s exceptional and totally worth the price.

It doesn’t take much to rework a PLR article.  Just a few minutes on the title, each paragraph, introduction, and summary.  Then ensure the links are in place to make money.

With practice, it gets easier.  Remember, your audience wants to hear your voice.  Not the same information regurgitated.

If you want a checklist to keep beside you when you go through an article and more in-depth information on this process, feel free to purchase the e-report on The Art of Refreshing your PLR content in Ten Minutes.  You can also get it as a free PDF in the Full Content Bundles available in the shop.

So get to it.

 Make your mark on the web in the shortest time possible using good quality PLR articles.

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