How to Rewrite your PLR to Infuse it with your Brand.

Regardless of the scare tactics of online marketers and freelance writers, you don’t always have to rewrite your PLR completely.  There are a few simple ways to ensure you don’t have to spend hours on making it unique or relateable.

By adding personality to your content that is consistent with your brand, it will shine.  Consistency is key here.  It builds your online following and makes you unique.

Here are five techniques you can utilise in minutes to a few hours that will change your content remarkably and make it your own.

Consistent Branding of your PLR

Whether you are using social media graphic posts, eBooks, reports or blog posts.  Keep your branding consistent.  That is using the same colours, fonts, formats or other design elements across all your content and mediums.  Also, brand your eBooks, reports and other printable content with your logo and website if appropriate.

Use Images help you enhance your PLR

Think about the images you can use to enhance the message or make it more appealing or relatable.  If you are publishing technical instructions, use screenshots or photos to explain better what you are trying to convey.

If you don’t mind getting in front of the camera, people love to see photos of the writer.  It brings a far more intimate and personal touch than a stock image.

Again, try to keep the photos consistent with your image.  Either through colour, filter style or theme.

Introduce the Content when you rewrite your PLR.

By adding a one to two paragraphs to introduce the topic or your story about how the problem has impacted your life can make connections with the reader that will last the length of the article and beyond.  This is particularly important if you are intending of putting a call to action anywhere in the content.

Change the Medium

Just because you have written content, doesn’t mean it has to stay like that.  And it doesn’t mean you have to literally rewrite your PLR. There are so many possibilities. 

Record it as an MP3 for your audience to download. As you are reading through the content, you will often find a natural flow that allows you to add extra information and personal experience.   

You can also collate the articles and make them into a report for an opt-in. 

Take the main ideas and put them into a PowerPoint presentation, read the content out as you go through the PowerPoint on a live call.

Tell a Personal Story when you rewrite your PLR.

Remember, that good content answers a person’s questions or solves a problem for them.  That is why they search and find your particular internet presence in the first place.  Stories make the message of the content relatable.  It helps the reader connect with you on a deeper level.  They don’t feel alone in their quest for answers to problems they are trying to solve.

If you are writing about procrastination and you have struggled with it in the past – let people know this was an issue for you.  Help them to believe there is light at the end of the tunnel for them.

Include Hyperlinks to Further Resources

If you have other articles you have written on the same topics, and they tie in well, make sure you hyperlink them.  You can also do this for further reading of other respectable blogs or information that you know will be helpful for the reader.

You don’t have to spend hours changing the content you have bought.  Just be savvy and creative.  I have a checklist you can buy here, to ensure you make your content shine with personality.  If you have purchased one of my larger packages, you got it as a bonus.  Print it out and make sure you have it next to you when you are going through your content to publish.  It will be a lifesaver.

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