Let’s get real. Internet users have a very short attention span, and most of your visitors will be gone before you can say…Hello there, let me show you around. So you need to combat that fact straight. I’m going to give you some very straightforward content writing tips so you can invigorate your website content (PLR or otherwise) and make sure it works in your favor.

The overall message here is to KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Get to the point quickly

Short attention spans mean that you should get to the point quickly. Sometimes it serves to state the conclusion first and then use the following sentences to prove the conclusion.

Write How You Speak

The internet is informal and if you are trying to reach a specific market that resonates with you, write how you speak. To do this, use the dictate function in Word to produce new content. Make sure you go in and fix up any mistakes before pressing the publish button.

It’s OK to Break the Rules

Trust me… I also teach English speaking and writing to health care professionals. It’s OK to break a few grammar rules. It doesn’t have to be perfect. English grammar is not perfect. We all muck up and go back and correct our grammar. As long as you can read it aloud and is easy to understand, it passes the test.

Short Sentences using Lay Terms

Don’t think you have to have complex sentences to sound like you are an authority in your Wellness niche. If you sound too complicated, you will most likely turn people away because they can’t understand what you say.

Use the Hemmingway app to improve your readability. Aim for a grade of 6-7 to make sure your content is super easy to read.

Use Your White Space

Invigorate your content by using white space to help people read with ease. Break up your paragraphs into one very succinct idea. It should only be a few sentences long. Remember, you can break the rules here. It’s not your end of year English essay.

Use Bullet Points

This makes your information a lot easier to scan and read. If your bullet point is longer than a short phrase, include a space between each bullet. The white space makes it easier to read.

Use Images and Graphics to invigorate your content

Graphics draw the eye and capture attention. These can include graphs and charts, even screenshots.

Don’t over complicate your content. Use PLR to your advantage and get your content out there and pumping to improve your ranking and capture returning website visitors.

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