Hands up who has PLR they haven’t used?  You thought it was going to be easy, right? 

You bought the PLR to help you, but it’s lying dormant.  Doing nothing. 

All the big ideas you had for using it, maybe grow your business, get your next paid product up and launched by the weekend, or have a quality opt-in sorted by the end of the day, and you haven’t even started.  Maybe you don’t know where to start. 

Why We Buy It

Buying PLR is often done to make us feel good.  We like the idea of having all that content.  Not having to write or create it ourselves.  It feels good to know you have a heap of building blocks stashed away reading to make a website, develop your social media presence, or given away an eBook to your audience that you barely had any input writing.

It makes us feel productive, focused, and on top of it.  But this is only true if you do something with it.  If you take the next steps and see it through to getting out there.

Otherwise, you just have a heap of content gathering electronic dust and clogging up your hard drive.

When people get PLR, they either file it away and forget about it.  Sometimes, people panic when they see how many files they get, and think that they have to edit it too much to get it out there.  Realizing it doesn’t say exactly everything you want it too, or you just don’t know where to start, so you don’t do anything at all.

Don’t overcomplicate it. 

Don’t get overwhelmed by the potential of it all.  All the different ways to use it.  There are endless possibilities.  But resist the urge to shove it in the too hard basket.  You can make it easy or hard.  Your choice.

Let’s make using PLR easy

It’s about making the PLR work for you, instead of working hard to fit pre-written content into what you actually want to accomplish at the end of the day.  If you make it easy, then you will use it.  That is the end goal.

Let’s go back to why you bought the PLR in the first place.  It usually involves one or more of the following reasons.  To save time, money, mental space, stop uncomfortable feelings around creating content, wanting to focus on the things you like in your business rather than things that are tedious or boring.

These are all valid reasons.  Buying PLR is like having 80% of your work done for you, so you can spend 20% of your time on the things you dislike (getting the content out there) and 80% of the things you prefer – seeing clients, creating products for your customers, etc.

Start with something simple.

Example one – PLR social media posts

  1. Take a social media post from a package. 
  2. Put it through a video editor and brand with your business name or website, or both. I use PicMonkey, but you can use just a basic one that comes with windows, etc.
  3. Put a quick spiel about what the quote tile means to you, or for the work that you do with other. 
  4. Have a call to action to click through to the website to read more about the topic or get in touch with you. 
  5. Press publish. 

That can be done in less than 10 minutes.

Example two – PLR articles

  1. Take an article from one of the packages you have bought.
  2. Don’t worry about reworking the blog post too much.  Just make sure the heading is perfect for what you are trying to convey and your SEO keywords.
  3. Ensure the SEO snippet is clear and concise, so people are more likely to click through.  Make sure it has the keyword/s in the spiel.
  4. Add a call to action at the bottom of the post. 

That can be done in about 10 minutes.

To take it one step further and spend an extra 5 minutes, do the following.

  1. When you hit publish, make sure it gets shared on your chosen social media site (you can do this in the most basic of WordPress sites).  All mine go to Facebook the moment I press publish. 
  2. Go to your social media page and edit the comment as you see fit. Maybe put in a spiel about having an offer coming up, or click through to get a freebie opt-in.

What you can do later

Further down the line, you get an opt-in together, so when they click through to read the article, you get to give them a freebie and get their names on your list.  Bonus.

Don’t make it hard on yourself.  PLR is a tool that’s supposed to make your life easier and save you time and money.

I hear your objections from here, as I sit at my laptop living my digital nomad life.

  • But it doesn’t say what I exactly want it to say!
  • It doesn’t have the information in the correct order!
  • It will be nearly the same article as someone else has published on their site!

Put a regulator on your inner control freak.  Yes, I just said that.  I know she means well, but you need to loosen up. 

Get the content out there in the quickest possible time.  When you have more time up your sleeve, you can expand on the post.  An excellent SEO trick is to have it published, then a few weeks or months later, come back to the post and clean it up.  Say what you want to say.  Put in extra pictures.  Take information.  Reorganize it the way that you like it.  Then re-publish on the site and over multiple social media sites.  It is just like new content going out.

Batching your content

Another trick is to try batching when you get a new package.  It is easier and quicker to do the same task multiple times before moving onto the next step.  You can get this done in less than a day. 

  1. Take 10 articles from a package that you want to use.
  2. Copy and paste them all into individual blog post drafts.
  3. Decide on 10 keywords, one for each of the posts.
  4. Rework the titles of the articles and makes sure the SEO snippet is easy to read and has the keyword in it.
  5. Edit the content of each post as needed. 
  6. Add a graphic or two. 
  7. Format for your site. 
  8. Schedule to be published. 
  9. Done. 

That is two and a half months blog posts done in less than a day if you publish one article a week.  Imagine buying 2 packages with 20 articles.  Spend a day and a half at most batching.  You have 5 months of content ready to be published.  You can thank me later.

As you start to use pre-written content regularly, you will have less fear and be able to come up with your own strategies for making it work in the quickest time possible. 

The key is to get started and work with PLR regularly to make the purchase worth your while. 

Contact me if there are any particular package topics you would like me to write for you.  I’m always open to suggestions.

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