Your SEO can be enhanced if you increase content output and publish it, whether on your site or linking back to your website. So how do you do this without spending hours sitting in front of a computer drowning in writing? Instead of doing the work that lights up your soul – helping people one-to-one in transforming their health and wellbeing.

Let’s take a look at some simple and inexpensive solutions to increase your content output.

PLR/Done-for-you Articles.

PLR and done-for-you articles are the same and can also be referred to as white label articles. You can purchase these for minimal cost, but the standard varies so beware. It’s best to find a supplier who is a freelancer that writes their articles such as Wellness PLR.

Some people say you don’t need to change PLR, but before publishing PLR articles, it’s advisable to have a look and make sure it’s exactly what you want to say. You can also consider adding some personalization into the mix – a story, a few graphics, a call to action at the end.

PDF Reports and White Papers

Another simple way to increase content output is using these longer articles on a specific topic – PDF reports or white papers. They can be used as a lead magnet or offer as a free PDF on sharing sites, with a direct link back to your website. You can get these on numerous PLR websites and usually don’t need to be changed drastically. Just add your branding and away you go.

Bonus tip – if you have a White Paper or Report, you can often break it into smaller articles and post on your blog or send out in your email newsletter. Sometimes it’s a great way to make a series, where they read part 1 online, and then they have to opt-in to get the rest of the paper.


Everyone loves a checklist. You can purchase them through a PLR provider or make your own from ‘how-to’ articles you have purchased through PLR. There will usually be a few simple steps. You can put these into a checklist and publish them on your website, use them as an opt-in or let your subscribers know it is on offer for free to download on your website. Have a direct call to action when they download, requesting them to share the link to their networks.


Do you have a video or audio file of an interview or post you did? Get ready to increase your content in a matter of minutes. Get these files transcribed so the content is easy to reference and can be consumed by readers who can’t watch or listen.

If you don’t have any video or audio files to work with, fire up Word, use the dictate feature and start talking about a topic you are passionate about, and your audience would devour. Go through the transcript that you get and fix up any of the minor mistakes and then publish. You only need to speak for 5 minutes to get a great blog post that’s down to earth and written straight from the heart!

Audio and Video

Taking this one step further, video or voice record yourself talking about something you are passionate about. It doesn’t have to be perfect. People want real.

Loom is free and awesome for this type of content. You may need to compress the file after downloading it, so it can be uploaded to your website (without taking up too much space). Or you can publish straight from Loom or upload to YouTube.

Case Studies

If you are a wellness, health or fitness coach, you may consider putting together a case study. Ask a previous client who is willing to be video or audio interviewed. You can post these on your website or have people go to a YouTube channel to view.

You can also purchase some PLR articles relevant to the case study and have them as the base and put in snippets of the audio or video that reflect the ideas or information in the article.

This type of content is not only informative but extremely good for promotional purposes. It also provides social proof to your readers so they will be more likely to sign up for your products or services.

Inspirational Quotes

Quote tiles are the number one easy way to increase your content that doesn’t take much time. People love quotes and often save them for later, or share them immediately. Post them to social media, put them in your blog content or send them out in your email campaign for a free download so others can use them on their social media. Make sure you brand them with your logo and website, though.

If you don’t have the time to get on Canva or PicMonkey to make your own quotes, you can pick them up from many PLR sites. Some have complete packages with enough quotes to last more than a year, even with you publishing them twice a week.

Resource List

Everyone loves a go-to-list of resources from a respected professional in the area of health and wellness. Share your must-haves or make a list of resources to help with a specific topic within your niche. You can record these as a video and then have a downloadable PDF file of information including websites. If you have any affiliations with these resources, don’t forget to put your affiliate link into the document.

I could go on forever, but that is enough for now. So get cracking. Now is the time to get more content out daily. You have no excuses because I’ve just given a heap of ideas that require minimal input from you.

Your SEO, website and business depend on it.

Let me know if you would like more information on increasing your content output to get noticed. If you think this article would help one of your friends or colleagues to get more information out onto their website, share away.

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