Website visitors come and go.  But grabbing those visitors and making them subscribers to your mail list is where the gold is at.  You can’t deny it. PLR Content will be your solution.

But what if you’re just starting out.  How do you do it?  What have you got that will make them sign up?  How can you make them sign up without spending another six months working on a freebie?  Well, that is where I can help you.

Don’t believe the charlatans who guarantee they will help you grow your mailing list to over 2000 in less than a week.  It’s bull&^%$t.

If you are serious about what you are delivering online, or want to enhance your ability to reach as many relevant readers or buyers, growing your list takes time and a little bit of effort on your part.  But there are ways to make it a whole lot easier.

So what is a list?

It is a list of email addresses.  People who have signed up to get something from you, or want to hear what you have to say on a regular basis.  The beauty of this is you can contact them with additional deals, things to sell, or offers.  That is why it is considered where the gold is.  You have a group of people you can access to sell something too.

The best way to start and grow your list is by offering freebies.  People want to see what you have to offer.  It needs to provide value.  Most people get too many emails.  You need to make sure what you give them is useful in some way.  Your blog posts will be full of helpful information and services you’re selling.  The freebie needs to take it to the next level or show people what you can offer them.

How to build the email list

Step one

Sign up for a service that will support an email list.  If you are brand new to this, have a look at MailChimp. (this is not an affiliate link, I used this service when starting two new websites).  Their lists are easily integrated into a WordPress site, simple to use, great beginners education and free.  It’s definitely an excellent service to get started.  You will have to pay for the more advanced services, but if you are just starting out or have under 2000 regular readers, it is worth you having a look.

Step Two

Grab a PLR pack from Wellness-PLR.

Step Three

Here are just a few ideas for using the PLR.  The aim of the game is getting people to put their email on the list.  Basically, you are aiming for them to give over their email to get the information!

Go through and brand the content you have bought. If it is an eBook or articles, brand it with your name, URL and edit it with links, personal stories, pictures, links to related blog posts you’ve written, or affiliate products you are involved with.  You can also make the articles into a short report.  Get people to sign up for the information, grabbing their email for your list.  You can also send it out to your already established audience, so they feel special.  Offer them something special, and they will return!

Social media posts – send a file of social media posts with your brand to your customers to use. They will help you grow your audience for you to capture when they arrive at your website.

Convert the information into a PDF checklist for your customers. Have them sign up to get the checklist.  Everyone loves a PDF checklist.  If it makes life easier, people will download!

Create a free membership site with a WordPress plugin. Put the articles on the membership site.  When the average reader who is browsing jumps on the website, they have to sign up for access to the articles, eBook, and reports.

Create an eCourse or autoresponder series. This usually takes ages to set up.  But you can utilize a report or ebook and schedule the information to arrive in the inbox daily or weekly.  Add a few worksheets or journal questions related to the niche to enhance the eCourse.  Then offer it as a free opt-in.  You can easily integrate this through MailChimp.  And, you have a sophisticated way of engaging with your audience with minimal effort.

The above ideas are just a start of what PLR can do for your list building.
The beauty of PLR – the core content is ready to go.
 For such a small financial investment, it will just keep giving.  Only limited by your imagination.

Remember, high-quality, engaging content is one of the most effective ways to show people you know what you are talking about.  They will keep coming back if you can give them something they can use or find helpful.  You don’t just have to put your name to it and send it out as an article in a newsletter or a blog post.  Make it work for you!

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