There is a simplified beauty and satisfaction in acquiring quality PLR content.  You know it’s going to save you valuable time.  You fantasize about spending more time with the kids, working on higher priorities or just having a good soak in a bath!

Then the concern creeps in.

You wonder how many other people have bought the exact PLR?  Are they going to change it?  Is the information going to be replicated word for word on another website?  How can I produce unique content and not drown in the time and pain it causes?

I get it, you don’t like sitting down to write content.  You have all the ideas, but you just hate it.  You agonize over your style.  Researching topics, writing and re-writing and getting nowhere.  That is why you bought PLR.  You’re strapped for time BUT you need fresh content for your site.

You need to remember…………


If you don’t rework the articles, consider your content to be the sacrificial lamb who the KING will feast on.

Crucial points you need to remember with PLR content

When you get a PLR article or package of articles, the file becomes yours.  It is as if you had written the content yourself.  You are allowed to do anything you like with the content.  Other than reselling the rights associated with the content onto anyone else.

Often people get the packages, and instead of modifying the articles, they submit them to Article Directories or publish on a blog site as is.

This is an enormous mistake.

If you make a submission to a directory untouched, they will more than likely reject the piece and ban you from submitting further articles.

The Article Directories continuously check the content submitted with what is out on the internet.  The top directories are very strict on this plagiarism rule.  They require fresh information.  It is their core business, and take it very seriously.

If you are wanting to build a reputation as a leader in your niche through Article Directories, don’t submit unrevised PLR.  You will be labeled as a fraud.

Within the blogosphere, if you leave the content untouched, you may attract a ‘duplicate content penalty’ from search engines.  The big search engines are constantly changing their parameters and algorithms, and THEY are the only ones who can tell you how you will be penalized.

But, in a nutshell, the search engines have spiders (code) trawling the internet for duplicate content. If yours is found to be a copy of another site’s, they do not rank you.  This goes for duplicate content on your own site.

If you are not ranked, you are not seen.  If you are not seen, you do not make money.

You don’t get to make an impact in the world with

your message. 

There is absolutely no reason for consumers of PLR content to fear attracting penalization for duplicate content if it is

edited and refreshed correctly.

Some marketers or bloggers automate the reworking of content and spend money on a tool known as a ‘unique article generator.’  Some of the features include adding a few lines, adjusting keyword density, switching synonyms and incorporating a header or footer.  The result is extremely challenging to read.

Poorly written or overused material repels potential customers.

Don’t kid yourself.  They will be visiting other sites within your particular niche.  Make it fresh, useful and extraordinary, and they will keep on coming back.

I have an e-report for $8.99 on how to refresh your PLR in minutes.  It gives you a step-step process on how to change the PLR, so it’ll appear to be your very own written content.

There is a checklist at the back of the report you can print out and have next to you when you refresh your articles.  It couldn’t be made any simpler.

If you have bought one of my full content bundles, you may have this download already.

Either way, it is a valuable resource to have next to you when sitting down to prepare your content for publishing.  Saving you time and money.

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