Frequently Asked Questions

Product Rights are rights you get when you purchase a product. So for every information product i.e. ebook, article or quote tile you purchase, the owner of the content/product gives you a license that informs you what you can and can’t do with the product. The main types of licenses include:

Private Label Rights (PLR)

Resell Rights (RR)

Master Resell Rights (MRR)

The license is defined by the author of the work and comes with different rights depending on the developer. Be sure to read the license agreement of any PLR product you intend to purchase. Not all licenses are the same. Some PLR products have restrictions on certain actions. These limitations should be set out clearly in the product information so you can familiarize yourself before purchase.

At Wellness PLR we clearly display the license on each store page of the package. The license details are located after the description of the content. You’ll also get a copy of the PLR license in a PDF with every purchase.

Private label rights (PLR) is a license where the author sells most or all of the intellectual property rights to their work (e.g. articles, reports, blog posts). The basic premise – you buy the product with permission to modify and use it for your personal use, such as on a blog or resell the product, like an eBook. You receive the ‘raw product,’ you modify it, claim authorship and then sell onto others or use on your blog, website, newsletter, email list, etc. You are not allowed to claim copyright on the product.

Due to the nature of PLR and receiving your products digitally, there are no refunds. That is unless you make a duplicate PLR package purchase. If you are not happy with your order, please contact Wellness PLR by filling out the form on the contact page. I’ll do my very best to help you. If you are experiencing a technical difficulty, such as not being able to open the downloaded files, please contact me via, and we will make sure you can use them.

If you would like to have a topic from your niche featured in the Wellness PLR store, please drop us a line via the contact page indicating the topic and types of info product you desire. I can’t always promise I can deliver, as I am the sole writer here. But I will try to accommodate your requests.

After you order your package from Wellness PLR, you’ll receive a zip folder or deliverable PDF – depending on the type of purchase.

If you buy a package with articles, you will include editable content files in .doc form. This means you can edit the articles using a simple editor like Text or Microsoft Word. You can then copy and paste the content into blogs, websites, newsletters, eBooks and more. In the older packages, the social media graphics will come in .jpg and .png. This allows you to brand the graphics using a simple online editor such as Picmonkey, or your own software graphic editor.

In the new packages and social media post packages, you will receive a PDF deliverable. This will have links to Canva templates. These can be opened up in your Canva account and you can start editing the elements and adding your logo and information to suit your brand.

You may receive .pdf files with bonus or personal use content. 

I am the sole writer for the content presented at Wellness PLR. I do the majority of editing, along with occasional edits by my partner. We both have extensive experience in writing briefs and reports in our specialties. I also have experience in research proposals, academic writing, medical documentation and blog writing. I do focus on ease of reading using Flesch Reading Score, aiming for a grade 7, and use American style grammar.

You can do anything you wish with the content you buy from Wellness PLR, apart from selling it on to another person as PLR. You can add to it, pull it apart, take information out, break it up and put into an email autoresponder series. If you want more ideas, refer to the – Things to do with PLR pdf resource.

You are free to put your name as the author on the articles, eBook and graphics you purchase from Wellness PLR. If you don’t want to have your name as author, you can put on the product “brought to you by “, or simply brand with your website.

You can’t put my name on the content as the author under any circumstance. This is because I have no control over how the content is presented, edited or what it is used for after it’s purchased from Wellness PLR.

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