How to Build your Email List using PLR Content

LET’S FACE IT - THE MONEY’S IN THE LIST Website visitors come and go.  But grabbing those visitors and making them subscribers to your mail list is where the gold is at.  You can’t deny it. PLR Content will be your solution. But what if you're just starting out.  How...

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Simple Steps to Rewrite a PLR Article in Minutes

To begin with, you’re probably wondering how you should rewrite a PLR article.  Also, how much needs to be changed, so your PLR article appears unique.  They are two excellent questions. The second question answered first.  My research has made helped me to conclude,...

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Hazards of Leaving Your PLR Content Untouched

There is a simplified beauty and satisfaction in acquiring quality PLR content.  You know it's going to save you valuable time.  You fantasize about spending more time with the kids, working on higher priorities or just having a good soak in a bath! Then the concern...

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